Our wood better than virgin through waste wood recycling – Capital

“Saviola Holding has been established thanks to my father’s original intuition” says Alessandro Saviola (ph.), Chairman of the Board,
leader in the production of ecological particleboards,Saviola is able to recycle over 1,5 million tons ,saving 10.000 trees every year, for over half a century. The founder Mauro Saviola understood in the ‘60s that using post-consumer wood could combine economic growth and environmental protection. Today the Saviola Group has 14 plants in Italy, Belgium and Argentina and 22 collection centers laying around Europe. The waste wood comes from pallets, particleboards, electric cable reels, construction tables, fruit boxes, furniture and pruning.
The characteristics of the Ecological Panel developed by Saviola exceed those of virgin wood, guaranteeing a non-deformable and resistant product. “Following this idea, with a strong ethical connotation,” remembers Alessandro Saviola, “meant to launch a complex reorganization,
which involved every component of the supply chain: from waste wood collection to processing, to cleaning and sorting systems, until the placing of a new product in markets used 100% recycled wood. Following this economic and environmental balance required courage but above all investments. Only in this way the particle board turned into a 100% Ecological Panel “.