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With about 100 owned vehicles, the transport and logistics company of the Group performs every day an efficient and comprehensive collection of used wood throughout the national territory.

 A “home” collection service.

If the Mauro Saviola Group is able to collect and process up to 1.5 million tonnes of post-consumer wood per year, it is particularly thanks to the logistical organisation, which optimises the delivery of finished products throughout the country with the collection and removal of used wood, directly from the collection centres and points of production, down to the collaboration with municipal companies in the management of micro collections from ecological islands.

The services it provides include the direct pick-up of material from companies, through the use of equipped trucks or the storage of containers, with a significant reduction in disposal costs. In environmental terms, Trasporti Delta complies with the new regulations on emissions, relying on a fleet of EURO 4 and 5 vehicles. And thanks to innovative logistics optimisation software, it prevents waste and minimises the impact on the environment.


  • Collecting used wood through the use of specifically designed equipment
  • Authorisation for the transport of waste
  • Authorisation for the transport of chemicals
  • Transport services for third parties
  • About 100 vehicles


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