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A widespread service for the collection and disposal of “domestic” used wood, over the whole national territory. An ecological and economic choice, important for the protection of the environment and for the quality of life.

If today the Mauro Saviola Group collects and processes 1.5 million tonnes of post-consumer wood material per year, it is also because it was the first operator on the Italian market to develop the collection of wood waste.

There are two key levers:

  • The collaboration with municipalities and local municipal waste companies
    The used wood collection service of the Group is based on a collaboration with more than 1,000 municipalities. An organised and widespread system able to respond specifically to the different requirements related to the disposal of used wood, which relieves the municipality or the company of the organisational costs and certifies the procedures.
  • The network of Ecolegno collection centres
    A network of platforms located close to major urban centres, aimed at obtaining a more significant recovery of this precious resource. Each collection centre is equipped with vehicles with mechanical claws and containers to be left at the ecological island or the company.

Why collect wood?


Although there is little awareness around this issue, wood is very polluting waste. From at least two points of view:

  • Landfills are saturated: usually wood waste is bulky and the spaces in ecological islands are not infinite. Each cubic metre of wood takes away space from other types of waste that can not be used otherwise.
  • The wood becomes methane: wood in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment such as a landfill undergoes a process of methanisation. If the gas is not captured and used (very few facilities are equipped to do so) it is inevitably released into the air – and methane is a greenhouse gas twenty times heavier than carbon dioxide.

There are many producers of wood waste.

From the Retailers to the farmer with a fruit crate at the vegetable market, from the heavy industry that receives huge amounts of crates to the small artisan who uses a few pallets to store and handle his goods. But also joists, planks to hold washing machines in place, planks for stowage in ships or to make the wedges under trucks. You can find plenty of examples in the fabric of trade and manufacturing. Wood, for availability and ease of use, has always been the prime choice for the world of packaging.

How does the service work


The companies of the Mauro Saviola Group offer a service of collection and disposal of “domestic” used wood with the ability to:

  • collect the material directly from the company with vehicles equipped with mechanical claws;
  • install containers of various sizes at the companies themselves with periodic collections.

A continuous and reliable service, complete with all the technical and bureaucratic assistance.

There are many advantages:

  • significant reduction in disposal costs
  • fully structured service, full guarantee for the regulated environmental responsibilities
  • certification that relieves from all legal responsibility regarding the recycling

The collaboration with the municipal waste companies

The Mauro Saviola Group has always been the most important partner of the Italian municipal waste companies in the collection of wood. The local multi-utility can collect wood on their own: the small trader or the ordinary citizen can find in their urban centre the ecological island where they can bring the crate, the broken chair etc…. In this case the Group’s logistics service goes and picks up the material. Otherwise, the Group joins the municipal waste company and performs the collection service directly: it collects the material from the small carpenter, the wholesale markets, and the ecological island.