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Saviola Holding

The Saviola Group synergistically integrates several national and international companies focused on three worlds: wood, chemical, and furniture. The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it for years among the top 300 Italian industrial realities and among the leaders in the world in its sectors.

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The Saviola Group is a vertically integrated industrial system capable of achieving many firsts in the various markets in which it competes, both in terms of production volumes and of technologies employed. The secret of this success begins in 1963. When the word “ecology” was far from being on everyone’s lips, the founder had the pioneering idea of recovering and enhancing scrap wood, i.e. giving new life to what was hitherto seen only as waste, as something to be discarded.

The idea is that even the wood of an old cabinet may become the basis for a new cabinet, through a potentially infinite repeatable cycle. That first idea was followed by others: create a nationwide network for the collection of wood; produce panels using only post-consumer wood; develop resins, unique in the world for their reduced environmental impact; produce clean energy from the processes.

The results are obvious: 10,000 trees saved every day, 14 plants in Italy, Belgium and Argentina, 1.5 million tons of reclaimed wood processed each year, 22 collection centres in Italy and in Europe, dozens of certifications for a production system that many have tried – with little success – to replicate.

Some excellences:

  • The Ecological Panel, the only particle board to have the FSC 100% Recycled Wood certification.
  • The LEB ecological panel, the particleboard with the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world.
  • The most extensive and complete range of papers and laminates, edges and surfaces,  decoratives  and  finishes, perfectly coordinated, available on the market today.
  • Innovative products that come from the Innovation area, such as Saviotan  – natural tannin extracted from chestnut wood, used in the tanning industry and in animal feed – or Sazolene  – slow-release nitrogen fertilizer initially used in agriculture, but which touches on many other areas (gardens, golf courses).

Products that are certainly the result of a constant striving towards the improvement of production processes, and that ever since the beginning have taken account of the imprint given by the founder, values ​​such as environmental protection, natural resource conservation, social responsibility – health and safety in the workplace – which for 50 years have made the Mauro Saviola Group “The Eco-Ethical Company.”