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Custom-made resin

Sadepan Chimica can provide a resin tailored to each client, depending on the specific needs (production technologies used, wood quality, emissions to be met, etc….)

This is the company of reference for the chemical world. The leading Italian manufacturer – and among the leaders in Europe – of urea, melamine and phenolic resins.

From internal demand to the global market

Sadepan Chimica was founded in 1973 from a strong need within the emerging Mauro Saviola Group: to integrate upstream the production process of particleboard panels.

Producing the resins – one of the key components for the manufacture of the panel – Sadepan Chimica entered immediately into synergy with other units of the Group, becoming a strong driver for their growth.

Over the years, the company evolved and the products, as well as being provided to Group companies, started being exported all over the world. With Sadepan Chimica, the Saviola Group pursues its underlying philosophy: to constantly improve the products, you need to be open and face the external market. Continuous research, competitiveness, human resources and attention to the environment are the priorities on which it bases its success.

“Custom-made” resin

The core business of Sadepan Chimica is the production and sale of resins and urea and melamine resins for the wood industry and beyond.

Sadepan Chimica can provide a resin tailored to each client, depending on the specific needs (production technologies used, wood quality, emissions to be met, etc….)

The range

The range of products is constantly evolving. From Formaldehyde to Formurea, from the Urea-Formaldehyde resin, Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin to the Melamine or Phenolic resin for impregnating decorative papers, up to the Kraft Phenolic papers. The application of an established heritage of technical and scientific knowledge has introduced new solutions for reducing the potential environmental impact of its products, such as, for example, the progressive reduction of free formaldehyde in the resins.

Specialties that make a difference

In countries where the climatic conditions are extreme (very hot or very cold) the use of a liquid product can be difficult. To meet the needs of these markets, Sadepan Chimica is one of the very few manufacturers of powdered resin. Produced in Italy, it is exported and transported without problems all over the world.

Similarly, paraformaldehyde is an extremely innovative product: it is a solid formaldehyde, concentrated to 93%, which takes the form of flakes and is stable, convenient and safe, lowering the risks of transport and handling of liquid formaldehyde.

Sadepan Chemicals is also among the few to offer phenolic resins and kraft papers, for the production of laminates and for various uses.

Know-how and new products

Sadepan Chimica also provides a service of consultancy and technology transfer, providing the customer with projects and “turnkey” plants for the production of formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resins that include engineering and know-how. Although the company’s core business is related to adhesives and resins for the wood industry, the research of innovative products has led it over time to open new markets which show strong growth for the Group, such as the Agriculture sector (with Sazolene, a slow-release nitrogen fertiliser) or the Feed sector (with Saviotan, vegetable tannin extract used in the livestock industry).


Sadepan Chimica’s commitment to quality and sustainable development is evidenced by the adoption of a Quality Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (plants in Viadana and Castelseprio), an Environment and Safety Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI 10617 (plants in Viadana (MN) – IT and Genk – B). In addition, the plants in Viadana and Genk have obtained registration under EC Regulation 761/2001 EMAS.