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Articolo del 28 Gennaio | Gazzetta di Mantova

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Giunta prenatalizia da Saviola per Confindustria Mantova, che presso gli stabilimenti viadanesi ha scelto di concludere gli impegni associativi dell’anno con un incontro e la tradizionale cena degli auguri.

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Articolo della Gazzetta di Mantova relativa alla visita dell’Europarlamentare Massimiliano Salini, di venerdì 17 ottobre.

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Articolo de “Il Sole 24 Ore” del 2 Ottobre 2014.

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CONCEPCION DEL URUGUAY, ARGENTINA–(Marketwired – Jul 7, 2014) – SCS Global Services (SCS), a leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, announced today that it has issued Recycled Content Certification for several products produced by Argentinian composite wood manufacturer, Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. The Recycled Content Certification confirms that Sadepan’s particleboards (tablero crudo), waterproof boards (tablero hidrófugo), and melamine boards (tablero melamínico) are made from a minimum of 58% “pre-consumer” recycled wood derived from sawmill waste.

“Our independent audit has evaluated Sadepan’s supply chain and production data to verify the sources of input material and determine the total percentage of recycled content in the finished composite wood products,” said Alicia Godlove, Materials Services Manager for SCS. “The certification will help accurately communicate this information to downstream customers.”
The recycled ingredients used to manufacture Sadepan’s particleboard consist of chips, sawdust, and wood trimmings derived from over 50 sawmills throughout the Entre Ríos Province of Argentina. The wood waste is combined with virgin wood, resin, wax and other minor additives to produce finished particleboard of varying thickness. Sadepan particleboard products are used for furniture, construction and decorative products.

“We are pleased that SCS has verified our supply data to confirm our recycled content claim,” said Horacio G. Kern CEO of Sadepan. “Sadepan, along with our parent company, Gruppo Mauro Saviola, is committed to sustainability, has been a leader in the use of recycled wood for particleboard manufacturing, and is continually looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment.”
SCS has been certifying recycled content since 1989. The Recycled Content Certification claim has been used by companies in a variety of industries including wood products, textiles, plastics, and metals.
About Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A.

Sadepan, operating in Argentina since 2001, is part of Gruppo Mauro Saviola, the largest producer of particleboard panels in Italy and one of the leaders worldwide, with the peculiarity of being the world’s unique producer using recycled wood as exclusive raw material. It is also the largest producer of chemical raw material for the board industry in Europe. The Gruppo is made up of 16 companies linked by a strong synergy, with production plants in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Argentina.

Interview with Alessandro Saviola, published by the Corriere della Sera on 06/02/2013.

Corriere della Sera

Article published in the Gazzetta di Mantova on 21/09/2012.
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Article published in Green Business on 31/10/2012.
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Article published in Recycle on 20/03/2013.

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Article published on Wired issue 45 in November 2012.

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