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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About WOOD*
*and never dared to ask

Wood is potential waste

No one has a special bin under their sink, but every year we throw away millions of tons of wood waste, very polluting waste. In addition to saturating the ecological islands (local waste separation & recycling centre and landfill) – in the lucky case that it ends up there – in an environment without oxygen such as a landfill, wood releases methane: a greenhouse gas 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. 

There is a clean technology for recycling it

Unlike other waste – such as paper, which involves the use of solvents – wood is recovered through a mechanical recycling, recognised by independent studies as the best end-of-life scenario for waste made of wood. But we prefer to call it “new” life. 

It has existed for some time, but it is still better

Mauro Saviola started in 1963 and recycled wood for his whole life, perfecting the process until he was the first to produce a panel composed entirely of recycled wood. Today our Group, which bears his name, is the leading transformer of wood waste in the world. 

Collecting wood is not a walk in the park

To collect it we go all over Italy, and even abroad. We have developed a collection logistics system able to join together with the municipal waste companies in the collection. Through the Ecolegno centres and the containers located at the ecological islands, we serve thousands of companies in the “domestic” collection of wood. 

With wood, nothing goes to waste

We use all of the waste collected. We are not only able to recycle all types of wood waste, but we separate the other materials (eg metals), permitting their recovery in considerable proportions. Only a small portion of wood that can not be recovered is used to produce energy to power our plants. 

An endlessly repeatable cycle

Furniture breaks and becomes waste. The waste is recovered and comes back to life as a piece of furniture. It is a repeatable process that extends towards infinity: one of the great advantages compared to combustion. 

Fire is not such a great discovery

Biomass power plants that burn wood that could still be recycled as fuel to create energy represent a distortion in the hierarchy of virtuous recovery. The consequences? The waste of a valuable raw material and adverse effects on the environment. 

The Ecological Panel is like virgin wood

The quality of the product that we obtain, the only one made entirely with 100% recycled wood, has the same qualities of particleboard panels made from the trunks of virgin wood, and can be used in the same way. 

Even better: it does not sacrifice a single tree

Actually there is a difference with virgin wood: to make Ecological Panels, not a single tree is felled. No small feat. 

The wood WAS potential waste, but today it is something of value.

Our value.