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1963 | The story begins

From a modest shed in Viadana (MN), in the heart of the Po Valley, emerged the first panel of particleboard by Sadepan, a company that Mauro Saviola founded with his brother and a cousin. The plan to devote himself to the production of panels obtained from scrap wood matured in Mauro’s mind during a trip to Germany. After seeing a production plant of panels starting from tree branches that were shredded and subsequently pressed, his thoughts went to the multitude of branches and trunks that piled up along the banks of the Po river.


It was a small leap from there to the realisation that recycled wood panels, especially given the expansion of the furniture market, could easily prove to be a profitable trade.

The forecasts proved to be correct: the product was successful and the first balance sheet of the new company, whose 20 employees had started working in three shifts, broke even. It is the beginning of the great journey that will give life to the Mauro Saviola Group. The energy, that year, was passion and instinct, tenacity and Eco-technological intuition


1973 | Integration and synergy

Sadepan Chimica is born, for the direct supply of resins, melamine resins, and formaldehyde. The profile that began to take shape was of an increasingly integrated industrial reality, constantly projected forward, in the research and development of technologies and solutions always beyond the limits of what we consider cutting edge.


mauro saviola

1997 | The ecological panel

The facilities for cleaning used wood (recovered through intense and continuous collection from wood processing industries and from recycling collection) replace at every plant the log shredding lines, which are then permanently dismantled. The company integrates upstream with the regeneration of the raw material: a factory within the factory. From this moment the Saviola Group will only employ used wood to produce the Ecological Panel, a panel made from 100% post-consumer wood.

We are at the point of arrival of the efforts and growth of the Group and, at the same time, at the starting point of a new journey. “ECO-TECHNOLOGY”, where the Economy bows completely in the service of Technology, which, in turn, serves Ecology.

GMS_50anni_logo_oro_Decoro (1)Today | The journey continues, with a new direction

The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it for years among the top 300 Italian industrial realities and among the leaders in the world in the Green Economy sector. But the journey is just beginning. If it is true that until the beginning of the millennium the Group was an extremely complex and fragmented constellation of companies, the passing of the baton to Alessandro Saviola – who succeeded his father in 2009 – initiated a process of radical transformation, culminating in early 2012 with the creation of Saviola Holding.

50 years after the start of the journey, the new leadership launches a new organisational model, transparent, streamlined and efficient, which looks ahead to meet the challenges of today and especially tomorrow. There is one thing that never changes: the passion for this journey, which is the same as always.