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imageEnvironment, People, Territory, Quality, Innovation. Five key words that give meaning to the concept of Eco-Ethical Company. An international Group that integrates instead of separating, combining global thinking and local action.

With this view, just like paper, plastic, glass and other materials, even wood can be reborn and be reused without the need to cut down new trees.

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The Saviola Group is a community that subscribes to the definition given by its founder, “The Eco-Ethical Company.” Environment, People, Territory, Quality and Innovation. These are the five core values that differentiate the Group, directly and indirectly attributable to a broader concept of the context of a company: Social Responsibility. The belief, in fact, is that a company’s responsibility is not limited to what is required by law, but should include in its strategic vision an ethical concern for the impact of its actions on society, even in the long term 


The heart of the Saviola Group beats for the Environment,

through eco-sustainability and the ethics of recycling. The Group – known for the slogan: help us save the trees – is the leading processor of post-consumer wood in the world, with 1.5 million tonnes processed every year. The production philosophy is based on the recovery and reuse of a raw material that can be reborn and reused without the need to cut down new trees, through an economically and ecologically sustainable process.


At the heart of the corporate culture are the People,

without whom a successful organisation could not be so. The Group cares about its employees, respects their work, their safety and their health. For this reason all the companies of the Group have a thorough system of safety checks and management, which provides, in certain cases, even a continuous monitoring available to the authorities, with a view to full cooperation and transparency. An evident attention also towards the outside, in the products and the semi-finished goods expressed by the Group: the LEB Ecological Panel, for example, is the panel with the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world.


The Group is strongly rooted in the Territory of origin

(Viadana, Lombardy and the Po Valley) but over the years it has been able to grow and capture the changes by focusing on vertical integration as a distinctive element: from the collection of raw material to the manufacturing of the finished product, all the way to logistics, the production cycle of the Group completes the production chain of wood. Today, large customers and the network of relationships make the Saviola Group one of the major international players in the Green Economy. It can be defined as a glocal company conceived ahead of its time: in the sixties it brought together global thinking open to the world with the effectiveness of local action, when present; an approach that is still valid today.


Quality for Saviola Group is a word full of meaning,

inherent in every product: the Ecological Panel meets the same standards of panels made with virgin wood, the resins have the lowest formaldehyde content, the existing collections of decoratives and the technical-aesthetic know-how of the Group are available in a market where Italian style is increasingly demanded and appreciated by consumers. An “official” quality recognised by twenty Quality System and Product certifications, evidence of the commitment of each company of the Group to development in complete harmony with the environment.


Continuous investments in technology and in the Research & Development division,

make Innovation a cross-cutting theme in all business units: there is innovation in materials, chemistry, design and much more. In recent years, the Group’s researchers were able to expand the range of products to reach new segments of the market: like in the case of Sazolene, a slow-release nitrogen fertiliser, and Saviotan, a vegetable tannin extract used in the tanning industry and in livestock production, whose usefulness has been scientifically demonstrated. Two products that express once again the logic of respect for the environment and those who live it. The logic of the Eco-Ethical Company.