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Gruppo Mauro Saviola

It is the business unit of reference for the wood industry; the largest Italian company in the production of particleboard and melamine-faced panels, the largest company in the recycling of post-consumer wood in the world.

The collection


Through the widespread network of collection centres – present throughout the country – the Mauro Saviola Group is able to collect each year more than 1.5 million tons of used wood, which supply the production process for the construction of the ecological panels. A process that allows us to save 10,000 trees every day. The wood collection takes place through its recovery from industrial and commercial companies, municipalities, utility companies, and public bodies.

The Ecological Panel

Pannello Ecologico

The company’s core business is the production of particleboard panels from post-consumer wood: the Ecological Panel ©. Any particleboard produced by the Mauro Saviola Group is  FSC certified and offered to the market in a practically infinite range of media characteristics, thicknesses and sizes.

Introduced on the market as far back as 1995, the Ecological Panel is the first and only to be FSC certified 100% recycled wood (be it raw or melamine-faced, fire-resistant or water-resistant).In a world where the ethical sensitivity towards recycling and the preservation of forests is becoming more widespread – and the laws of many countries are increasingly moving in this direction, the Ecological Panel is the best possible choice, because it makes real something that until a few years ago was only a dream: the infinite cycle of wood. Wood turns into a valuable inexhaustible resource, its recovery and reuse become a repeatable process that saves trees (thousands every day), reduces the volume of landfills and helps to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Low emission


The panels of the Mauro Saviola Group also comply fully with every regulation in terms of emissions of formaldehyde (E1, EPF-S, CARB II, F****). In particular, the LEB Ecological Panel © (Lowest Emission Board) is the particleboard panel with the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world, created by the Saviola Group to be able to offer consumers an ever safer product. The emissions of the LEB Ecological Panel © are lower than the most stringent world standards, the lowest in the world.

Decors and textures.

The production of the Mauro Saviola Group is not limited to raw panels, but through various panel finishing processes, facing, laminates, Finish papers, a world of decoratives and finishes opens up, with unparalleled options for variations and combinations, a constantly updated range always ahead of the trends.

This allows the designer to “dress up” entirely even the most complex piece of furniture, using for each section (chest, door, back and bottom of drawer, edge, top, etc.) the most appropriate type of material, without worrying about the aesthetic consistency, which is guaranteed by the complete internal co-ordination of the designs and finishes.