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The Group company specialising in the production of thin faced panels and furniture components.

Three production units equipped with the most advanced machinery and technology to ensure quality of service and product, high production capacity, flexibility and competitiveness. Qualified human resources, ISO 9001:2000 certified quality, plans of investment and human technical development: these are the fundamental elements of Sitapan.

The faced panels division (plants in Premaor, TV, and Montelabbate, PU) specialises in the continuous application of finish paper, ppl, pvc and laminates on thin panels of particleboard, MDF and fibre. Backs, drawer bottoms, coverings for interior and security doors, panels for hollow-core panels and partitions are just some of the uses.

The furniture components division (plant in Refrontolo, TV) specialises in the production of semi-finished products and components for the furniture industry, such as sides, bottoms, tops, shelves, dividers etc. made to the customer’s design. The plant carries out cutting, squaring, edge banding with the application of bands of melamine, pvc and abs up to a thickness of 3 mm. Items supplied in bars or finished complete with drilling and pinning.