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Sazolene is the smartest way to bring nitrogen to the field.

The main element for plant nutrition is represented by nitrogen. This element is made available using traditional fertilizers, which are however immediately soluble. The use of such type of fertilizers can generate a strong impact on the environment and can cause harmful effects , because the nitrogen can be lost in the air under the form of ammonia or can generate groundwater pollution, as well as having a low efficiency (little amount actually used by plants) and this require several applications with an increase costs.

SAZOLENE is a special fertilizer, highly revolutionary, capable of releasing nitrogen in synchrony with the need of the plants. Sazolene has different formulations designed for the different needs of nutrition, with release times which may vary from 10 weeks to 9 months. The advantages are many: lower use of fertilizer and improved efficiency, reduced costs, more respect for nature and less environmental impact. When ecological awareness, research and the introduction of new technologies together create advantages for both the consumer and for the quality of the product, then you can really talk about innovation and progress.

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