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R.T.A. Furniture

In the Composad DIY furniture, beauty is always in the service of quality and functionality. Composad relies on the collaboration of experienced and creative designers, able to understand and satisfy the aesthetic and practical needs of the consumer.

Tastes and needs are indulged thanks to a wide range of products, whose design can be classic and modern at the same time, fusing together practicality and elegance. The stylistic lines have been designed specifically for this purpose: to innovate while respecting the aesthetic enjoyment and towards the achievement of maximum functionality. The Composad ready-to-assemble furniture combines Italian style with an extreme simplicity of assembly of the components: the parts are easy to assemble, accompanied by clear and simple assembly instructions. All without ever neglecting the care for Nature and respect for the Individual.

A new Life for Italian Design.

Product Lines

Logo_DISEGNODisegno is the office range with a very attractive and contemporary style and design. All the elements are designed to decorate Home Offices but also professional environments.




LogoSTAMPALa Linea The Stampa range is the ultimate expression of the office furniture offerings by Composad. This is a series of elements that, arranged in composition, are suitable for decorating Professional Offices or Home Offices.




Semplice it’s the product lining of the thought you furnish,simply, several environments.




Logo_GUSTOThe Gusto range is a collection of kitchen furniture, simple, essential, but with a definite Italian flair. They are free-standing elements that can be combined to form compositions of various sizes..




Pratico It’s a home office very easy. Its items are smart,  multi-purpose… using just a word be practical!





Tramonti: When the sun goes down, here you are our best bedroom to end a day. Italian Design for the World Wide.




Logo_PrivilegioPrivilegio is a wide range focused on the Night Area. It has a medium-high target, characterised by significant finishes and thicknesses.




 Logo_VenereThe Armonia is the new European design for your bathroom. Few items, but so graceful giving to your bathroom, functionality and style.




LogoCOMODO The Comodo range is dedicated to furnishing the living room. Characterised by high thicknesses and attention to detail, it consists of a very diverse range of products, from the coffee table to the column/showcase.




Schema: this a living solution so nice thanks to a modular system. Not only living but you could use these items also for a smart home office set.




Salento: precious moments of relax, when you stay in your living room. Italian Design for the World Wide





LogoCALISMAThe Calisma bedroom has been designed to meet the demands of the new generations. Bookcases with closed compartments, compact and spacious wardrobes, beds with the option of adding a chest of drawers on wheels… Many solutions, excellent quality thanks to the use of high panel thicknesses, ad hoc finishes; in short, everything you need to customise his and her room.