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cracked wood board
The Ecological Panel Consortium is an entity created to meet the growing need to respect the environment and convey the importance of the re-use of resources, in particular the recovery of wood.

From the collection of used wood to its recovery and its transformation into new and functional products, everything fits within a repeatable cycle that preserves the environment and its resources, and offers the company, the City and the consumer the extraordinary opportunity to actively participate in the protection of nature.

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The Consortium is the mouthpiece for these choices and is aimed in particular at:


Every municipality engaged in the collection of wood receives a certificate of “aware municipality”.


The primary and secondary schools of the municipalities that already carry out the recycling collection of wood can request teaching materials (texts, information, DVDs).

Furniture manufacturers

The furniture manufacturers who have chosen to use the Ecological Panel to create their ranges of furniture have a dedicated website (pannelloecologico.com), a certification and merchandising materials free of charge.


The Consortium has set up a free hotline to provide information on the Ecological Panel and on initiatives related to this trademark.