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This is the business unit of reference in the furniture market. Established in 2000, within a few years it has become the leading Italian company producing ready-to-assemble furniture, and among the leaders in Europe.

It is the synthesis of the Group

Composad is the coalescence of the activities of the Saviola Group. It closes the loop and is the perfect synthesis of the vertical integration that characterises the Group: for the production of its furniture it uses raw materials and semi-finished products supplied by the other companies. Each step takes place with total control of the supply chain and of the processes, combining efficiency and ecology. The Group’s long industrial process culminates in the Composad plants, from which hundreds of thousands of boxes of furniture and components emerge, ready to furnish homes around the world.

Italian Design for global market

Schermata 03-2456378 alle 12.55.29The majority of the turnover is generated abroad: Composad is a global company. It is not “just” a furniture industry; it is the inner core of Research & Development, a creative workshop focused on Italian design applied to R.T.A. furniture, to design product lines capable of furnishing any environment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, office…). The aim, as always, is to combine beauty and functionality, industrial process and environmentally sustainable development.

Ethical and economic advantages

The Composad production leverages the innovation of the Ecological Panel ©, with which the Group has revolutionised the furniture market.

The market and its needs

The product Research & Development centre (consisting of technical, commercial and marketing people) is a key component of the company that must anticipate the needs of the market and the consumer trends, and is completely at the service of the customer. As is the extraordinary production capacity: 103,000 sq m of covered surface area equipped with ultra-modern equipment. A unique jewel in Europe, for potential, technology and innovation.