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Resins for wood

Continuous research, competitiveness, human resources and attention to the environment: these are the foundations on which the success of the chemical hub is built.

In addition to a range of products in constant evolution: from formaldehyde to urea-formaldehyde (the “classic” urea resin, liquid or powdered), from urea-formaldehyde melamine resin (modified with melamine to have special characteristics, such as water-resistance) to the melamine or phenolic resin for permeating decorative papers.

Urea-Formaldehyde resins

The urea resins for the wood industry are ideal for the production of panels: plywood, particleboard, MDF and so on.
The classic urea resin (formaldehyde plus urea) is the basis of production, but there are many types of adhesive with different properties depending on the production process of the panel to be obtained (for example, an E1 particleboard panel uses a different resin from a F**** panel).

Even some of the characteristics of the resin can vary according to the production plant used. The result is that the Mauro Saviola Group provides a resin tailored to each client, through a very close technical relationship which brings a professional from Sadepan Chimica to study the situation of the client to find the best solution, providing, where necessary, know-how and process engineering.

Urea-Formaldehyde Melamine resins

Urea resins modified with melamine so as to have special characteristics, ideal for the production of water-resistant panels.

Powdered resins

In countries where the climatic conditions are extreme (very hot or very cold) the use of a liquid product can be difficult. To meet the needs of these markets, Sadepan Chimica is one of the few exporters of powdered resin: water is added and it is used as needed, with maximum practicality. Produced in Italy, it is exported and transported without problems all over the world.