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Decorative paper permeation resins

Continuous research, competitiveness, human resources and attention to the environment: these are the foundations on which the success of the chemical hub is built.

In addition to a range of products in constant evolution: from formaldehyde to urea-formaldehyde (the “classic” urea resin, liquid or powdered), from urea-formaldehyde melamine resin (modified with melamine to have special characteristics, such as water-resistance) to the melamine or phenolic resin for permeating decorative papers.

MF and UF resin permeation

Urea resins with a particular type of concentration that are used to permeate decorative papers.

Phenolic resins

The resins that permeate Phenolic Kraft Papers, necessary for the production of laminates.

Cationic amide resins

Special resins for water purification systems.